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We all know that a fitness retreat is part workout, part vacation, which can make packing a challenge.  How do you pack for a fun vacation, AND multiple daily workouts…without bringing too much.  Follow our tips below and you’ll be sure to have all of your fitness and vacation essentials!


What to pack when heading to a fitness retreat



Water bottle

No matter what type of fitness retreat you are attending, you’re going to be working out and need to stay hydrated. Taking a water bottle with you will help you stay hydrated. And think of all the plastic water bottles you will keep out of landfills!

Sports clothes

It seems like an obvious one, but we’ve got to add it anyway. Unlike a traditional vacation, a fitness retreat is centered around physical activity. Make sure you pack plenty of workout clothes for your fitness activities. Don’t forget to take into account that some days you will have multiple workouts.



You’ll be out in the sun having fun on your retreat so make sure you pack sunscreen! Nothing will ruin your trip faster than a blistering sunburn and buying some on location can usually mean overpaying. Save yourself the money and the burn by bringing some with you. Bonus points if you keep your sunscreen, reef safe



Travel has a way of changing you. Pack a journal and you’ll be able to reflect on your workouts and how you are feeling.




From your beachside workouts to water activities, you’re going to need sunglasses. Stay squint-free on your vacation and consider getting a pair made specifically for athletes.


Comfortable shoes

Retreats are the last place you will need a pair of heels. Pack comfortable sneakers that are fit for any type of adventure and a pair of flip flops for when you’re by the pool.



Not all retreats will include water activities but chances are all of them will be near the water or a pool. Packing a swimsuit will come in handy for those post workout dips in the pool.


Proper ID & Insurance Cards

If you’re catching a flight to your retreat destination you’ve probably already got your driver’s license ready to go. But don’t forget your insurance card or travel insurance documents. If your retreat is abroad, you’ll also want to make sure you bring your passport and visa (if needed) with you.


Positive Attitude

No matter where you’re heading on what you’ll be doing, one must-have is a positive attitude! Set yourself up for an amazing time by being in the right headspace. Take this time to unplug from work and focus on you. We promise you won’t regret it!



Time to grab your suitcase and get ready for some sweat-soaked adventures! From tropical island yoga to Colorado skies for CrossFit, you’re going to have a great time on your fitness retreat.